Kid Clubhouse Facility

Do we have to fill out a waiver?

Yes!  We encourage everyone to fill out the waiver ahead of time online clicking the button below (or can use one of our three iPad stations at the front entrance to fill out the waiver when you arrive).

Sign Our Waiver Online!

Can I drop off my kids and pick them up later?

We unfortunately are not licensed to be a daycare facility, so you have to stay at the facility the entire time. We have three kids of our own to watch and that is plenty.

Can I go barefoot or wear shoes/high heels/hiking boots/clogging shoes/etc in the playground and inflatable bounce house?

While clogging shoes are definitely cool, socks are required in all play areas and are available for purchase at the front desk if you forget yours at home (no shoes or bare feet allowed).

Can I bring in outside food/drink?

While we believe you will really love all the options (including plenty of healthy options) we have at our snack bar, we understand what it’s like to have a limited selection of food when dealing with picky eaters… so yes! We just ask that you please refrain from bringing any peanut products (out of respect for those with allergies) and also please consume all food/drink in the snack bar area only. We also do not allow guests to bring in cake/cupcakes/open gifts/etc without a birthday party reservation.

When is your inflatable bounce house open?

If our doors are open, the bounce house is on!  Our bounce house is always staffed by one of our team members during all of our open hours to make sure your kid can bounce away to their hearts content.

What do you have for moms/dads of infants?

We have changing tables in both the women’s and men’s restroom facilities.  We also have a dedicated nursery space complete with two extra changing tables and two rocking chairs for moms wanting a quieter and semi-private place to feed their baby.

Parties and Events

How do we make a party room reservation?

You can reserve a room online by clicking the “Parties” tab at the top of the page.  If you would like to reserve a room during the week for a special event or if your desired time isn’t available on the website, please contact us.

Can we bring whatever food and drinks we want for our birthday party reservation?

Absolutely!  We don’t limit your food/drink choices – you are free to bring in whatever you’d like.  We provide the room reservation, tables, and chairs (and a Party Host if you choose one as an add-on), everything else we leave completely up to you so you can customize the party however you would like.

Do you have any restrictions on decorations?

We ask that you please don’t attach anything directly to our walls/doors/cabinets/etc without first asking a staff member to make sure it won’t damage anything.

Can we have a birthday party at Kid Clubhouse without paying for a party room?

You could try it, but we will end up kicking you out since that is against our rules (it takes up too much room in the seating areas and isn’t fair to our guests with a paid party reservation)… so please just book a party with us to be safe.

Can my homeschool group, MOPS group, Bible study group, basket weaving group, Chipotle lovers anonymous group, etc book a party room during the week?

Absolutely! Give us a call or send us a message for more info. Some of our rooms have whiteboards, TV’s, etc. for all of your multimedia presentation needs.